What Percentage of China Speaks English?

Investigating Fluency of English Throughout China

These textbooks and laptops provide instruction in English (China is growing as global power so the learning of English soars both as an international language and a globally marketable skill) Global Connection and Educational Priority: English Proficiency among Chinese popuUnderstanding the level of English skills there are among the Chinese population can help us to understand some additional aspects of the Chinese population related to global connectivity and educational priority.

Statistical Overview

Reports differ, but it is commonly held that only about 10% of the Chinese can speak some English. That is something like 140 million by today's population. These groups, however, are chiefly of those who have only a basic proficiency in English, with fluent English only spoken by a minority.

Education Excellence and Basic Proficiency English Skills

China earlier laid out a strategy of teaching English at an early educational stage to strengthen a largely monolingual populace. English has been made a compulsory subject starting from primary school to the end of high school that has improved a lot the basic English skills of the newer generations.

Urban vs. Rural Disparities

English proficiency varies greatly between lower and higher-tier cities and rural areas. In large cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, up to 25% of the population are able to speak in English. These cities have access to better education opportunities, are exposed to more international business and have more chances to practice their English.

English As A Business Language

English is predominantly imperative in the corporate world. A large percentage of China's business professionals who work in the multinational and high-tech sectors, are said to speak and read English well enough to carry out day-to-day operations and international trade.

Future Trends

This trend of rising English ability is likely to continue as China continues to assimilate itself as an integral part of the global economy. English is expected to continue to be the dominant language on the Chinese curriculum, especially given educational reforms and increased international collaboration.

English as a Door to Opportunities

The polic y of teaching in English is explicit of China's strategic style of globalisation. Fluency in English is crucial to pursuing international education as well as for career advancement for students and professionals alike.


In China, English learning is expansive, and it's not just reserved to the elite. As the country doubles down on English education and global outreach, the share of English speakers is anticipated to grow.

Make sure you check the full guide on English usage in China to dive deeper into that topic. This is a very useful resource to help you better understand the reasons of learning the English language in China and the difference of learning the English language in different regions and social demographic areas.

what percentage of china speaks english

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